Why Accountants are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

sleepless nights

I am an accountant by trade and degree.  I have been doing accounting work for almost 20 years (12 years with a degree).  Now, as I am days away from 40 years old, I have become the accountant turned in-house computer tech turned full-blown IT department turned web-designer turned marketing department.  This has all occurred over the last three months which are my busiest months of the year in a NORMAL year.  So, I have spent countless sleepless nights working, brainstorming, and fixing all of my mess-ups.  It’s been quite the learning experience.

In this time, I have picked up a new client that I absolutely love, lost a client that was my first employer out of college (he sold one business and shut the doors on the other), took on the buyers of the sold business as a new client and continued with my other clients.  It’s been a crazy, insanely busy, exciting start to 2015.


Though my body proves to me daily that I am not a millennial, I feel that my mind is right there as far as technology and innovation.  Technology hasn’t run away from me yet.  I was watching my son play baseball the other day with my mom.  She was always ahead of technology before she retired.  And though she has only been retired for about 3 years, I sat there thinking that she would be in heaven if she were still in the workforce with all of the technological advances.  She would be astonished at how much has changed in just 2 or 3 short years.  My point is that I am glad that I have her ability to grow with the technology and not lag behind or just decide to stay “old school”.

It has been exciting to learn to do what I have done; that, which is so far out of the realm of my job description.  I have been pushed beyond my limits and I rose to the challenge, faced it head on and won.  The things that I learned about myself are indescribable. I feel like I can do anything; the possibilities are endless.

On Monday, find out why your accountant is the best thing since sliced bread.  If they aren’t already moving mountains for you, I bet you that they would and could.

stop me

A huge thanks to my two biggest clients that keep pushing me to realize my true potential – XXXXXXXXXXXX –  and McKenzie Paul and Associates – www.mckenziepaul.com. (Edited Nov 2016 – One former client ended up basically stealing a LOT from me in the form of an investment venture we were entering into together.)  See my newest blog coming soon for my update. My new company is Texas Best RV Rentals – Texas Best RV Rentals

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