Running on Caffeine and Keyboards

Have you ever been so busy that when a text comes through that you feel that replying is a waste of use of your hands? Or, that you literally don’t sleep more than 3 hours a night, if you sleep at all?

That has been my life for the last 2 months. I would have forgotten what social media is except that part of my crazy insanity involved linking my work’s website to social media sites.  I have forgotten what my friends look like or what it is to socialize.  The only thing I have done outside of work is watch my teenage son play baseball.  That is usually one of my favorite past times, but even then, I am thinking about what all I have to get done.

My life literally consisted of coffee all day all night and my computer.  And, if my hands weren’t on my keyboard…OH HOLY HELL!!!

I finally wrapped up the deadline, stay up for 60 hours straight, running on caffeine and fumes part of my insanity a few days ago.  I have finally been given the option to sleep.  But now I am dragging ass all of the time.  So, sleep=dragging ass??  In what world? I can’t win for losing.

My son was so glad to hear that I would be able to come out of my office.  Little did either of us know that would just mean I would just be in my bed.